Monday, April 30, 2012

ADT 18 Build issues

First of all, I want to agree with them, the ADT 17 was a step in the right direction, I just don't understand some of the logic working in the background of the ADT development, working on new features, and not rethinking the build problem, over and over there are changes... I think the most complex build imagined, should be expected, and these tweak-fixing, is TOO DAMN ANNOYING, at work I've updated to ADT 17, and I didn't dare to do that at my personal projects, these projects has many dependencies, and few apklibs, and although I understand the ADT 17 build issues, I just don't know if I'm ready to waste my time on working around the issues I didn't experience yet, when they would have the golden solution, I would update my personal Eclipse to the latest ADT.

Meanwhile I'll probably install the SDK 19 & ADT 18 at work, and see how it goes...

HA.... I spoke too soon.... :(

Wow guys, there is something to share about this... I've been working with multiple Eclipses (I had a flaw organizing my workspaces), and then BAM, one of the Eclipses Crashed, and the others followed...  

And then, the second crashed Eclipse, Android supported (Obviously), stopped working, I cannot start Eclipse, not Google, and no clean workspace made it start, and now I was forced to install ADT 18 which I did (my private projects were still build with 16, I feared the update of 17)  and....  it's back, the FRIGGING Dalvik error... WTF??? are you guys playing around there? generalize... not everyone uses your setup... not everyone develop FLAT, some of us need to be able to maximize the potential of project architecture, and you are fucking mine up every time...

Nothing builds this Android in a proper way, how the hell can that happened, Maven does gives some of what I need, but using it is costly, annoying sometimes, not always suitable, and not always clear what is wrong, especially with the tricky bugs... and don't get me wrong, when I use Maven with different frameworks, it works fine, and saved me darn lot of time, and for that I love it.

I think you should consider professional consultant, to define your targets... and what is important and what is not... how the hell do you implement so many new features when the core is rotten? Don't get me wrong again, I think the new features are great add-on, and very useful, but it worth nothing if I cannot build the darn thing, just because I have a complex project architecture.

I'm working now to split up my main project into multiple small project, and then if the top most project would not compile and deploy, IN A CLICK AND ... DONE! kinda way, I would write my own Android project builder.


Ok... After long long 11 days of combining my workspaces, and splitting Cyborg core, keeping the real Cyborg core project, and extracting multiple modules projects out of it, I've reached a point that I would like to finally run my Cyborg apps, and guess what... DALVIK... all over the place, with this annoying message of an Ill-usage of the core libraries... Dalvik is right with that error concept, but the ADT developer, probably didn't got to the bottom of it, since I get it with every ADT version!

The main conflict, is due to the fact that the ADT team makes a few build configuration assumptions and ignores the rest of the world, so here is highlight of issues I've found:

  • When using Maven, with an Android project, the ADT assumes that the Maven dependencies should be added, they are correct, but what they didn't take under consideration, is the god damn SCOPE, the provided dependencies MUST not be added to the build!!!
I'm tired of this so I'm stopping for now... will update this as I go...

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